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How It Started

The Superbar concept began in 2012 when 3 friends decided to take a SUP(stand up paddle board) 235km around Zanzibar for a fun crazy idea of a holiday. In planning for the expedition we wondered what kind of food would be able to sustain us for such a multiple day adventurous journey which requires endurance, strength and proper nutrition.

This was my first step down the nutritional rabbit hole.

Inspired By Adventure

After completing multiple stage and adventure races, marathons, trail runs, Skyrun, Ironman and testing my body with various powders, supplements and endurance food, I finally came to realise that the best nutrition that is sustainable and will keep you going weekend after weekend is real food. In my journey, I found that the most nutritious food is raw and unprocessed. I found that raw food diminishes the sugar spike that other supplements give you and keeps you going for longer.

I knew that nuts were a good source of fats and protein and dates were a good source of natural carbs, but I didn’t want to carry all the separate items on a trip. I needed something that was healthy AND fast and convenient to consume.

Fuelled By Nutrition

My final move back to real food came after researching Tour de France cyclists’ nutritional habits. The team chefs saw that it’s not sustainable to race only on powders and your body has been made to absorb real food. Your body works best when it uses what it has been designed to use.

I started eating a lot of salads…which were great, but I needed something more to sustain me while training and during the day to fill the gaps. I needed something that was conveniently packaged, was healthy and gave me energy. There was nothing on the market that had those criteria and I ended up experimenting with my own bars and playing with various recipes to get the best possible all round bar.

I noticed that I could keep going further, felt healthier, improved skin tone and friends of mine who experimented with me also noticed that they became leaner and had more energy during the day.

After months of trying I landed on a brilliant recipe. The bars were super tasty, as well as providing me with enough energy to compete in races; climb mountains, or just get me through a long day at the office or a long drive! My friends all loved them, and wanted more and I therefore decided to launch  IAMSUPERBAR.

Raw. Healthy. Superbar

Superbar is a range of health bars that will always be made just from real food, with minimal processing and without any additives. It is a product that I use myself, am very proud of and that I hope will fuel your super adventure where ever you may find yourself!

I am Raw…I am Superbar!

Christo Smeda
Founder and Owner of Superbar